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The group of the intestines to them the methods of advocacy in the Islamic call and is first: to make the celebration of the principle of advocacy of the outreach of the two parties to apply the public domain. Second: The duration of the celebration is about seven hours, from night to morning. Third: The subject of discussion in the monthly celebration is the current problem of the society and the nation. Fourth: the community of the intimacy and gave a new face of the Islamic call. Fifth: its monthly celebration in a place outside what can be attended by everyone without coercion and coercion. Sixth: The use of the media and these means match the present time. Seventh: Making Islam an Islamic society and soon solve their problems.

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Who are Maiyah Community? This question must be asked before we know their ways to call. It is the intestinal group who are concerned with the idea of ​​intestines. The same intimacy was issued from the word “with” in Surat al-Tawbah: 40 (Do not grieve that Allah is with us). This word is in the migration of the Prophet Muhammad with Abu Bakr al-Siddiq and they are hiding in Ghor Thur. After that, the idea of ​​intimacy is divided into three, which is the meaning of God and the meanings of the Prophet and the people. These three will get the subject of the religion of Islam and is the ethics of dignity.

The idea of ​​Maayyah was explained by two sources: first, from the biography of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. And the second of the late scholars mystified, and the largest references to the group Maia are Ibn Arabi and Sheikh Yusuf al-Maqsari. These two worlds said the idea of ​​intimacy, was the son of an Arab says with a fondness for self-affirmation and is the struggle of the soul for a passion for one: Taharha to reach God. Sheikh Yusuf Al-Maqsari used the word Mu’iyyah in Jihad to fight the colonial kingdom of the Netherlands. And from their words, the word “intestines” is used for jihad, either to be superficial or to be apparent.

The main character of the group Maayah Healem of scientists, Mohammed Ain Najib known as “Cak Nun” (Cak Nun). And defined the individual intestinal or Salik intestine thus:

“Salik is a group of people who met once a month in an outdoor area or in an empty air, sitting together for about five to seven hours, from 8 am (after the evening prayer) at night until 3 am They met without feeling tired and feeling less time and They met in Jumbang, Jokjakarta, Semarang, Jakarta and Surabaya, and also in another particular location every two or three months. Months and places from dozens or even hundreds, either in the country and What outside the country.”

From this definition, Mohamed Ain Najib in the book “Salk Maayah” that the Maia is a monthly celebration or an increase of the month in a place outside and attended by a group of people about seven hours, and those who came there without coercion and coercion. The celebration was from night until morning. And the question here, what is the program about seven hours? And what made the attendees stay in it until the end of the program about seven hours? Is this celebration of the Council of Science or the Council of the male or more? What is the relationship between this group and the application of the public domain? The most important of these questions, what are the methods that the community of Maia in the Islamic call?

Mohammad Ainun Najib’s Biography

He was born on May 27, 1953 on Wednesday, 13th of Ramadan, in Mentura Sumobito, Jombang, East Java Province, Indonesia. Mohammad Najib was the fourth child of fourteen children, the name of his father Mohammed Abdul Latif and his mother, Halima. He was a student at the modern Institute of Dar es Salaam Contour Fonoroko and then moved to the first high school of Muhammadiyah in Jokjakarta. He then continued his studies to Gajah Mada University in the Faculty of Economics, but this study did not continue. Later, he learned literature from one of the literary experts of the time, Umbu Landu Paranggi.

After the stage of reform in 1998, he resigned from the media and applied politics, and then moved and moved from one place to another and met with the community of any division, village and level and other so that he can work to motivate them and spread the idea of ​​deconstruction of thinking And value and look at them from a face. This deconstruction is a piece of reform that Mohammed Najib has done in terms of writing, rhetoric and singing since the last several years.

He gathered his family and friends and Kiai Kanjeng in mid-2001, and then called the attendees to achieve real reform because of the widespread corruption in the whole field of society. Here is the first intestinal idea present phenomenon. So far, the so-called familiarity has continued.

He is author and author of many books and even more than seventy books. And also the most complex theaters or drama more than twenty times. He has traveled to more than 4,000 places in Indonesia and five continents with Kiyai Kangjing Music Band. Holding the intestines in cities and outside the country

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